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Bijoy Chauhan

Bijoy is an accomplished Marketing /Operation/ Design/ E-commerce leader in Apparels/ Fabric/ Home Textile  with 24 years of diversified experience global Brand / Marketing / Exports /  Operation  for fortune 10 Textile  firms and 4 Brands around the world

My work success

Set up Business module for 10 firms leading ‘Next Gen Apparel/ Fabric Technology ’   for  Modelama Exports Pvt ltd  comprising – Marketing/ B2B / operation with new Tech. & Bushana Apparels China operation  (One of the largest Apparels house  with 4 Billion Turn over ). Lead the  development of global Brand Making platform for Ann Taylor processing over 15000 pcs/day which received Best operation Initiative of the Year Technology Awards (India )

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Bijoy Chauhan

Currently in own Business from 2016

A) Own brand across the global in Apparels/Home Textile & Essential . (

B) Ayurganic clothing research of 10 year converting organic fabric into Ayurveda fabric then into Apparels, Ayurganic – the fascinating symbiosis of ayurvedic knowledge and organic clothing. Ayurganic, The Herbal Wear, stands for an entirely natural clothing line produced from certified organic cotton, and treated with organic ayurvedic herbs and oils. This ancient method of enriching fabric creates a material that caresses and protects your skin in a totally natural way. Ayurganic is for those conscious of both their well-being and the environment, and demanding in having their choice of garments resonate with their values. Ancient Tradition The term Ayurganic is derived from the Sanskrit word “ayus” meaning “life” and “organic” in the “certified organic” sense of the word: free of all pesticides, toxins and chemicals. This unique tradition of treating fabric emanates from the South Indian state of Kerala. The origin lies in ancient Vedic knowledge. During an extended 15 day process supervised by Vaidyas, who are experienced ayurveda doctors, the fabric is treated with select oils.

C) Plastic Free world was our thinking and started the Sustainability approach. We started our journey in 2020 in order to provide products that are good for you and the environment. With an array of sustainable products that– Eco friendly utilities, sustainable packaging, Recyclable Bamboo based Dry amenities .As we have separate vertical from last 10 years in manufacturing around the globe to develop same in sustainable product took us research of 7-8 years with different producta and part of India along with the research of raw material and product manufacturing. Our brand that aims to grow and help to curb up the environment impact. Looking at the world’s significant social and environment we have highlighted the need for long- termand sand embracing the need to work with our value chain to accelerate progress.

D) Running exports division from last 10 years for brand like Misa clothing, Saylor, Lilli/P, Hunky Dory, Cecil etc.

E) We have composite set up from Designs to Final production for uniform making for Hotelier , School and cooperate world .

  • Passionate thought leader with strong innovation focus building toward the sooch “ Keeping The Indian traditional Textile alive around the world  by building the design in our won brand with touch of traditional in High street fashion wear.
  • Bijoy holds a  Textile Engineering  Bachelor of Technology  Degree  He is a certified  coach for WIPL

I will be glad to work with you!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.