Our Apparels and Fabrics are the pioneers of multiple business process improvement driving revenue growth, cost optimization & Productivity . Has strong understanding of supply chain with expertise in International business development leading across – functional teams. e-store online portal worldwide has multi brand store, our brand USP is formation of clothes by keeping the roots alive traditional textile of India amalgamation western wear. Premium quality accessible to all category .

Bijoy is an accomplished Fashion/Apparels /Textile and Fabrics Technocrats leader with 24 years of diversified experience building global Fashion with statement—Fashion unaffordable , due to fabric, designs and cost….affordable look fashionable – now via Technology’s aim is to make it affordable, you can now look fashionable in gyms, coffee shop and also in your night gown ,platforms for fortune 7 Brands world wide firms.

Also in Apparels and fabrics Created business process improvement, utilizing entrepreneurial vision, technological understanding, and exceptional relationship management fostering revenue growth, cost savings, and improved productivity. Talented and inventive professional with a proven track record of accelerating revenue growth through strategic and tactical development of clients networks and process improvement driving revenue growth, cost savings, and market development. Expertise and implement strategic planning initiatives, while maintaining outstanding working relationships in all areas of production. Identifies and capitalizes on emerging business ventures to propel an organization to the top tier of its industry.

Set up Fashion leading ‘Next Gen Garments ’ for Estilos & Sunday 55 comprising – Fabrics development , Garments in form of new Tech in both women and men’s wear(Marketing Platforms – Processes over 2 billion garments / fabrics via digital marketing)

Lead the development of global New developed garments in form of Ayurganic garments turn around in Europe with starting of 1 millions unit per year also the 3D garments along with Jute developments in finer count so that natural processed garments comes into market with affordable price , processing over $20000/day for the three brands right now exist which is best brand/Textile sales in Asia.

Currently leading as Founder & CEO ,building the brands via new Tech and with Digital marketing via Online sales with the world largest platform of online for 50 Million customers increasing revenue around 25% profit in all sector.

Passionate thought leader with strong innovation focus building Brands / Garments using Digital Marketing and analytics creating continuous innovation culture through Houte Cuture fashion ways .

Set up partnerships with leading Garments Brands – Ann Taylor, Hunky dory , Balmain, Alex, , J Jill, Old Navy, Kenneth Cole , Celvin Clien ,Misa

Bijoy holds a Textile Engineering B.Tech degree from The Technological Institute of Textile and sciences , Bhiwani . He WIPL coach and lean Theory expertise .



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